8 天 Big 5 和桑给巴尔海滩


Earthlife Expeditions
Earthlife Expeditions
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Matilde S Vinagre
Matilde S Vinagre
July 29, 2021.
Awesome experience Since the beginning that Miguel Almeida Bruno was very careful programming our unforgettable trip! And he did make us to achieve the most sensational experiences lived with wild animals! We visit several national parks, as Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara, but the most experience of all was in Serengeti where we saw the Gnus migration! But nothing were the same if we didn't have Jeff as our guide! They were the best!!! Thank you all
Sophie L
Sophie L
July 11, 2021.
Excellente agence locale Cette agence locale nous a organisé 1 semaines de safari en Tanzanie Travail sérieux et très bon rapport qualité prix Nous avons eu 2 guides très gentils et très compétents qui ont su rechercher tous les animaux Je recommande vivement cette agence
May 1, 2021.
Best company ever Hands down best company in Tanzania! Drivers are the most experienced and kind. Hand the most beautiful experience in my life.
April 19, 2021.
Amazing Tanzania Planning: I chose Earthlife after looking at value for money and top service from 4 other safari companies. Angel helped with planning our itineraries. I appreciated her quick emails replies and being ready to answer our questions. This really helped seal in the decision to go with Earthlife.We did 9 days safari and 5 days in Zanzibar.We were met at the airport by our guide Joseph. The vehicle seemed a bit older than the ones were saw in pictures. Not sure why we were assigned this one. Sometimes the windows were hard to open and close. The vehicle though worked well and there was no mechanical issues during our trip.We are a family with 2 young kids so having a guide who was great with kids was important. Joseph was superb and was able to carry on conversations and truly enjoyed being around my children. It made those long drive so enjoyable. So if you are traveling with kids, Joseph is your guide to request!We visited Moshi, Tarangire, lake Maynara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Ndutu and Kataru areas. Joseph was knowledgable and really great with taking pictures. He was also a very safe driver. We saw all the big 5 and got some amazing pictures.Along the way, Joseph stopped many times for souvenir shopping and to shop for Tanzanite.We were happy with the lodges and the staff were all friendly and accommodating. Box lunches could have had more variety, but overall was O.K.I would choose Earthlife again. You will get great experiences and guides.
Emerk Geay
Emerk Geay
March 16, 2021.
It's like the most beautiful wildlife movies! My dream was to visit the African safari, and this March I fulfilled it. For a long time, my friend and I were looking for the right company that would meet all our requirements, and Earthlife expedition won to the fullest. It met our time and financial requirements.Our guide Paul was great! He picked us up at the airport and we became friends very quickly. The very first day we went to the Tarangire National Park, where he showed us all the beauty and showed us all possible and impossible animals and plants.Paul told us a lot of information about each species, for which I thank him very much! . Early in the morning we went to the Ngorongoro Crater and also to the Maasai village. The Maasai village is unreal. That life there is very interesting and I highly recommend a visit. The next stop was Ngorongoro, which we fell in love with immediately, and I have goosebumps whenever I remember a visit. The beauty, the peace, the wilderness all around. We were lucky and we really saw all the animal species that live here. Even rhinos you don't always see (and we were lucky to see a rhino baby). It really is an INCREDIBLE and UNFORGETTABLE experience that I will be grateful to Earthlife Expedition and Paul for the rest of my life.Of course, everything was all inclusive and the food in the national park at the table next to the car with the wine, where our name was printed ... it was also magical. :)If you plan to visit Tanzanian safari, then only with Earthlife expedition:)
Lizzie B
Lizzie B
December 27, 2020.
Best safari company in Tanzania I cannot say enough great things about this company, which is locally owned and employs permanent guides (as opposed to many companies that only hire contractors). From the first messages with Angel and Deo, to saying goodbye to our incredible guide Paul, our trip was flawless. Response time was super fast, and they always allow guests to create a customized itinerary- a HUGE plus. The lodging/accommodations they recommended for us were absolutely stellar- beautiful bungalows and luxury tents, super clean, unique, and great food. They also made the trip very personal - it was our honeymoon and they told all the lodging staff so everyone congratulated us wherever we went. A very sweet touch :) Our guide Paul was absolutely one of the smartest guys we’ve ever met. Knew everything about the landscapes and animals and had a super keen sense for where to find all the wildlife (and we saw ALL the wildlife). He was so much fun and had incredible stories from his many years as a guide. We left gaining a dear new friend. If you go to Tanzania, absolutely use EarthLife Expeditions for your safari and ask for Paul to be your guide. You will not be disappointed!
December 12, 2020.
Tolle Safari Von A bis Z war unsere Safari gut organisiert und es wurde auf unsere Wünsche geachtet. Jeff war unser super Fahrer und Guide mit ausgezeichnetem Auge für die Tiere. Die Lodges sowie Preisleistung Verhältnisse waren gut bis sehr gut.. Schade dass man in den Park die Strassen nicht verlassen darf.
December 10, 2020.
Inolvidable Viaje a Tanzania. Qué experiencia! Éste fue nuestro primer safari, así que al planearlo sabíamos que queríamos ir a Serengeti. Al buscar opciones de agencias, me decidí por Earthlife ya que es una empresa local que ha crecido gracias al esfuerzo y a la experiencia que tienen por haber trabajado siempre de guías. Mi primer contacto por correo fue Caudence y ella nos recomendó un itinerario muy estándar que ya tienen que incluye Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti (norte y central), Ngorongoro y terminar en Zanzíbar en la playa. También nos inluyeron la visita de la tribu Hadzabe, que vale mucho la pena. 15 días antes de partir decidimos que queríamos incluir el Lago Natron a nuestro itinerario y sin problema Caudence nos adaptó el itinerario. También es importante destacar que cuando dimos nuestro primer anticipo del costo del viaje fue antes de que se viniera el grave problema de la pandemia por covid19 por lo que inmediatamente fueron flexibles todo el tiempo en no cobrarnos los siguientes pagos hasta no estar seguros de que realizaríamos el viaje en las fechas estipuladas. Inclusive nos dieron la opción de posponerlo. A final de cuentas fuimos en septiembre, según los planes originales y desde el momento en que Moison, nuestro guía nos recogió en el aeropuerto hasta nuestros regreso a casa siempre nos sentimos seguros acompañados por él. Moison resultó todo un experto para localizar animales y podemos presumir que pudimos ver a los BIG 5 así como el cruce de la migración en el lago Natron. El vehículo 4x4 se portó a la altura y aunque tuvimos un momento tenso donde se apagó en medio de la nada, no pasó a ser más que una anécdota más ya que se resolvió rápido. Los alojamientos y las comidas muy buenas, salvo los lunch boxes que nos daban que creo es un punto a mejorar. No dudaría en hacer mi reservación con Earthlife para su aventura, la inversión contra lo que recibes es excelente.
December 1, 2020.
Wow wow wow! What an incredible 12 days! We had a truly incredible experience with Earthlife Expeditions, visiting Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorogoro and Zanzibar! Moisin was the most amazing guide and truly made our Safari special. Fun, professional, friendly - his expertise and knowledge of the animals and parks meant we caught some amazing moments on camera, including a 200 strong elephant migration! His definition to finding the animals was second to none too! It was a very special moment to visit Tanzania as we often had the whole parks to ourselves! The lodges were stunning and Angel put together the perfect itinerary for us. Overall we would not hesitate to book with Earthlife & Moisin and want to thank them for one of the best weeks of our lives - we were so well looked after! We hope to meet again
Clyde T
Clyde T
September 21, 2020.
Serengeti Heaven My wife and I went on our honeymoon in Tanzania, first an 8 day safari with Earthlife and then 5 days in Zanzibar, basically because no where else would let US citizens into their country. I chose Earthlife because it's a local operator, and one of the most reputable in the biz. I worked with Caudence on our itinerary for 2 months getting it just right. Earthlife is definitely the way to go in terms of service and quality. During the trip our guide Jeff worked to get our tickets from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam worked out... something that had nothing to do with Earthlife and they were only able to do because the owner had a relationship with the owner of the airline. Earthlife makes things happen. Speaking of Jeff, he was an incredible guide! He was tireless, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, positive, and funny. He was often first to the scene of awesome sights and he'd go the extra mile - one time we were headed back to camp and he heard there was a rhino on the radio and we went back like an hour just to try to see this one rhino and round out the big 5 (they're pretty rare here). You need to request Jeff. Tanzania is gorgeous and now is the time to see it. Every game park is like your personal wildlife paradise. The people are very kind and unobtrusive. They've been suffering from the Covid economy and you're going to get awesome rates and personalized service. Jeff said the number of vehicles is about 10% of normal. It's like going to disneyland some random mid week vs the saturday before Christmas. The risk of getting Covid is nil from the locals. (Obvi you need to get tested before you come to protect them). Earthlife and Jeff, remember the names!
从 2,850 美元起
  • 时长:8 天
  • 目的地:塔兰吉雷、曼雅拉湖、恩戈罗恩戈罗和桑给巴尔
  • 价格:每人 2,850 美元起(此价格为两人价格。价格可能会根据人数或额外活动而有所变动。)



第 2 天:塔吉雷国家公园

早餐后,驱车前往塔兰吉雷国家公园,开始您的野生动物园之旅。这个可爱的公园拥有世界上最集中的大象和数量最多的繁殖鸟类。特别是在旱季,塔兰吉雷国家公园里到处都是野生动物。大型猫科动物,如狮子、猎豹和豹子,还有很少见的捻角羚、大羚羊和 Gerenuk。如果幸运的话,您甚至可以看到爬树蟒。塔兰吉雷河吸引了大量的牛羚、斑马、瞪羚以及捕食它们的食肉动物。下午晚些时候,您将驱车前往Sangaiwe Tented Lodge享用晚餐并过夜,这是一个宁静的环境,可欣赏 Burunge 湖的美景。



第 3 天:曼雅拉湖国家公园/村漫步

早餐后,今天开始在农业小镇 Mto wa Mbu 徒步旅行。这个村庄在坦桑尼亚是独一无二的,因为它是来自非洲各地 120 多个不同部落的家园,并形成了丰富多彩的语言和习俗。您的步行向导将带您前往水稻和香蕉种植园、当地一家啤酒厂、一所学校和一家雕刻厂。探索村民的传统生活方式。继续前往距离 Mto wa Mbu 只有几分钟车程的曼雅拉湖国家公园。曼雅拉湖以其巨大的苏打湖而闻名,湖中充满了粉红色的火烈鸟、大量的狒狒、令人难以置信的鸟类和壮丽的景色。你可以看到长颈鹿、大象、河马、水牛、斑马、火烈鸟,如果幸运的话,你还能看到一只爬树的狮子。下午晚些时候,您将继续艾琳的树木旅馆吃晚饭和过夜。


今天探索非洲七大自然奇观之一,称为恩戈罗恩戈罗火山口. 它庇护着近 30,000 只动物,其中包括 Big 5。火山口里到处都是斑马、水牛、狮子、牛羚、大象、火烈鸟、鸵鸟、河马、猎豹和少量稀有的黑犀牛。下午晚些时候,您将参观传统的马赛村庄,深入了解这些优雅战士的生活方式。在野生动物园度过令人振奋的一天后,您将返回艾琳的树木旅馆享用晚餐。这是一次非洲日体验,今天您将有机会品尝非洲菜肴。晚餐后游览卡拉图小镇,在夜总会体验非洲生活,与当地人互动,跳非洲“邦戈风味”音乐,品尝当地“乞力马扎罗”啤酒。夜宿艾琳的树木旅馆。


早上,您的司机将带您前往阿鲁沙享用午餐。午餐后前往阿鲁沙机场搭乘航班飞往桑给巴尔。抵达桑给巴尔机场后,您的司机将与您会面并送往Warere Beach Hotel享用晚餐并过夜。这家酒店位于桑给巴尔北部一个迷人的渔村 Nungwi,拥有岛上最好的海滩之一。


在这个热带岛屿享受悠闲的海滩生活。您可以在海滩度过一整天,因为该岛北部的海滩不那么潮汐。村里有一个海龟自然保护区,您可以在那里喂海龟,甚至可以和它们一起游泳。酒店还组织乡村漫步、水肺潜水、浮潜、水上摩托艇和钓鱼等活动,您可以直接预订并付费。在Warere Beach Hotel享用晚餐并过夜。

第 7 天:石城、香料之旅

早餐后驱车前往石头城,开启香料之旅。之后,您将参观热闹的索内镇,这是桑给巴尔的文化和历史中心。石头城是阿拉伯、波斯、印度和欧洲文化的大熔炉,这使得石头城如此独特。下午晚些时候,您返回 Warere 海滩酒店享用晚餐并过夜。



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