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Tanzania Travel Tips | Earthlife Expeditions Safari Blog

The best beaches in Zanzibar


Zanzibar has one of the best beaches in the world. The coral white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, flanked by barrier reefs, offer tropical island living at its best. Zanzibar island has about 25 beaches, sprinkled with fishing villages. Zanzibar’s best beaches are on the north and east [...]

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Swahili words for safari travelers


The following guide will let you try out some basic Swahili: USEFUL GREETINGS Jambo or Hujambo Hello, good day, how are you? (multy-purpose greeting, means"problems?") Jambo or Sijambo (the response)No problems Habari? How are things? (literally"news?") Nzuri Fine, good, terrible Hodi! Hellow? Anyone in? (said on knocking or entering) Karibu [...]

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Why should Tanzania be on your bucket list?


Tanzania is Africa's best country for a safari, according to a two-year-long survey by, based on thousand of reviews from safari travelers and industry experts. The key reason that Tanzania was rated the best is because it is home to the amazing Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. But what else [...]

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Special activities


For the discerning traveller, we can design safaris featuring the superior standard lodges and permanent luxury tented camps in Tanzania. Clients are flown to each destination by private charter plane, unless otherwise requested. With a range of options, we are able to select the right properties and destinations to suit [...]

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Cultural tours in Tanzania


While in Tanzania, Earthlife Expeditions will also give you an opportunity to do several Cultural Tours in Tanzania. Explore typical life of the local people with their daily activities.We believe that interacting with the locals(talk to them,eat with them,play with them,dance with them e t c), will help to [...]

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The Best Places to See Wildlife in Tanzania


As I want to solve this clue on the best places to see wildlife in Tanzania, I find myself lost reminiscing my younger beautiful years. In my childhood, I did everything that most kids did. I played outside with friends, I watched a lot of TV, I loved [...]

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