Vervet monkey in tree Saadani National Park Tanzania

Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park is special because of its unique location at the Indian Ocean. It is situated on the north coast of Tanzania and it’s the only wildlife park in Tanzania bordering the ocean. The perfect place to cool off after your safari. Enjoy both marine and mainland flora and fauna in a naturally exclusive setting. A beautiful combination of beach relaxation and wildlife viewing.

Flora and fauna

The vegetation in the park is fairly unique. There are mangrove forests around the Wami River and Indian Ocean. Coral reefs in the ocean. Savannah with grassland and acacia woodland. And finally, black cotton plains and areas dominated by palm trees.

You can see a wide range of grazers and primates in Saadani National Park. Among them big game like giraffe, buffalo,elephant, lion, leopard, hyena, greater kudu, eland, crocodiles and hippos. But also beautiful smaller game such as warthog, red duiker, yellow baboon, black-and-white colobus monkey, jackal, mongoose and civet.

Beach life
The entire eastern part of Saadani National Park is set along the Indian Ocean with beautiful white sandy beaches and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. You can snorkel or swim in the blue ocean waters at a sand island off-shore. The beaches at Saadani are also the place where green sea turtles come to breed. If you are lucky you can even spot Humpback whales and dolphins in the ocean.

Activities you can do in Sadaani National Park include game drives, walking safaris and boat trips. These boat safaris on the Wami River are an amazing experience with sightings of hippos, crocodiles, flamingos and water birds like the giant kingfisher. You can also take a flight from Saadani to Zanzibar’s Stone Town, which takes only 15 minutes.

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