View over lake and rocks Lake Victoria Africa

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake, with a surface area of 68,800 square km (26,600 sq mi). It was formed due to movements of the earth’s crust. Despite its huge size, the lake is quite shallow. Situated along the equator this lake borders the countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. With half of the lake in Tanzania, it is a great place for birdwatching and fishing. Or just to experience pure nature and visit one of Lake Victoria’s small islands.

Lake Victoria is not only Africa’s largest lake but also the largest inland fishery in the world. This fish-export industry supports over 40 million inhabitants who live on the shoreline. Its shores are peaceful and offer a relaxing environment. The waters are ideal for fishing. You can sail across the lake on a traditional boat and cast your line for the big Nile Perch or giant Tilapia.

Rubondo Island
The National Park on Rubondo Island is one of the highlights of a visit to Lake Victoria. It is a truly wild and untouched area. Enjoy the beautiful forest and sandy lakeshore beaches. You can see a variety of animals: from elephants and giraffe to chimpanzees, hippos and 400 species of colorful birds. For those looking for adventure and the real wilderness, this place is definitely worth a visit.

The lake lies just west of Serengeti National Park and may be combined with a visit there. You can go fishing, bird and chimpanzees watching, game drives, walking safaris and boat-rides.

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