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Tanzania Safari Information, 2021/2022 Travel Tips

Tanzania Safari Information, 2021/2022 Travel Tips2018-03-08T13:14:04+00:00

Hi, we hope you are here because you might be looking for Tanzania safari information. Or you may have already booked for a safari and you want a little clue about Tanzania, just to get inspiration.

Also, we know you may be looking for the ideal method of booking a Tanzania Safari Itinerary! Whatever it may be, we are at your service!

Keep exploring our list of useful articles below. We hope they will be enjoyable and useful as you ponder over Tanzania Safari Packlist.

Tanzania Safari With Earthlife Expeditions

How to book for Tanzania safari with a trusted company?

Tanzania has 970+ safari companies!

With this crowd of operators, it’s easy to end up picking a dishonest operator, ending up with a safari to forget. So how do you ensure you book your Tanzania safari with a right, credible company that will meet your safari expectations?

Well, we have you covered. Follow these 4 steps we recommend that will guide you in selecting the right tour operator for your Safari in Tanzania.

These are our proven simplified steps towards making the best decision in booking a Tanzania safari.

If you have any question please contact us or chat with our safari specialists online. If you are interested in seeing a sample of Tanzania safari itineraries and their prices, our safari itineraries page for more inspirations.

Tanzania Safari Information

Tanzania Safari Reviews: Why you’re getting it all wrong?

Do you commit your time to read reviews before booking your safari vacations? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Most safari makers try hard to find a company with as many five-star reviews as possible. And honestly, it’s not hard to imagine why. Look, before you open your wallet [...]

How Much Does a Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost Highlight Knowing a cost to go on safari in Tanzania is an important early step towards planning your amazing trip. A Tanzania safari is on many people's bucket lists. This is a safari where you can see some of the greatest wild animals in their natural habitat. [...]

The Best African Countries to Visit for Vacation in 2023

Africa is one of the most stunning continents in the whole world. There's so much to see and do, you'll be spoilt for choice. This article is the best travel information which will help you to discover the best African countries to visit. There are 54 countries in Africa, so [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Ngorongoro Crater

About Ngorongoro Crater Ngorongoro Crater might be a less known place for most of the new African travelers. Everyone knows about the Serengeti (thanks for that, Toto) and Kilimanjaro, but do you know about the Ngorongoro Crater, another awe-inspiring destination in Tanzania? The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest [...]

10 Can’t Miss Destinations in Lake Victoria Africa

No visit to the "dark continent" is complete without spending some time in the regions that surround Lake Victoria, Africa. Extending into three separate African countries - Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda - Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa. But it's also the world's largest tropical lake, and the [...]

The Top 10 Things to Do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar - the very name conjures up images of tropical intrigue and excitement! If you are plannning to visit Zanzibar, this guide wish show you the best things to do in Zanzibar. This stunning spice island is bursting with activities and places of interest for every traveller. Around every [...]

10 Tanzania National Parks You Would Love

If you tell someone you're going to Tanzania, they may give you a confused look. Chances are they don't know much about the country or the beautiful areas within. Reading this you might be unsure of what exactly there is to do in Tanzania or if there is a more [...]

The Ultimate Tanzania Safari Itinerary

If you are planning for a safari, the first thing is to get the best Tanzania safari itinerary. Imagine watching a herd of wildebeest stampede across the open plains. Imagine coming face to face with a lion, an elephant, or a mighty Maasai warrior. Now imagine the brightest sunset you've [...]

7 Tips for Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro has been a dream of any climber. Joining the ranks of those who have successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro is an incredible feat. It's a physical undertaking like no other which requires plenty of preparation. Mount Kilimanjaro stands at 5,895 meters and is the tallest free-standing mountain in the [...]

Your Guide to the Animals Found in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

While there are thousands of travel destinations, an African safari is by far one of the most beautiful, sought after vacations that should be on everyone's bucket list. There are safaris in quite a few African countries, and each of them boasts its own unique landscapes, culture, and wildlife. [...]

The Best Camera for Safari Photography

Wildlife photographers can earn up to $80,000 a year while traveling the world and enjoying a life of adventure. Whether you're interested in becoming a photographer or simply want to photograph some amazing animals, finding the best camera for safari is a great place to start.So book your flight and dive into [...]

Amazing Marine Life Found in Tanzania

If you’re like most travellers I talk to, then the amazing marine life found in Tanzania is the next thing you want to experience alongside your Safari in Tanzania. Tanzania has already made its name as the top safari destination in Africa and at the end of 2020, one of [...]

8 Must-Have Items to Take for Wildebeest Migration Safari

If you're an animal lover, going to see the wildebeest migration is the trip of a lifetime. It's a chance to go out into the African Serengeti and see nature at its most primal, undisturbed state. A trip to a whole other continent, though, and into the wilds at that, [...]

Swahili Phrases to Make Your Safari Go Smoothly: Must Read

Knowing some Swahili phrases is very important on your safari, just like passport, visa, safari wardrobe, recent vaccinations, and mosquito repellent. There are so many things to think about when traveling to Africa. You might have packed your suitcase, but have you prepared for language barriers? With over 900 million English speakers in [...]

Zanzibar Dishes to Die For: The Best Tanzanian Food to Try on Safari

Zanzibar, also known as Spice Island, has food like nowhere else in the world. Because this Island off the coast of East Africa has had Arabian traders, Indian immigrants, and Portuguese invasions, the regional cuisine is just as much of a melting pot as the island itself. Whether you're going to [...]

Tanzania Safari vs Kenya Safari: Which Trip Is Better?

Last year, over 18 million tourists visited Africa. Over 70% of these travelers spent time in only seven countries. Tanzania and Kenya were among these popular destinations. There's no doubt that an African safari should be right at the top of your bucket list, the only question is where to go. [...]

Gorilla vs Lion: Is It True a Gorilla Would Win a Fight Against a Lion?

The Internet births many questions, from the serious to the seriously absurd. Yet it didn't let us down when they pitted two of nature's most iconic creatures against one another: the silverback gorilla and the male African lion. Both beasts of fearsome strength, we decided to try our hand [...]

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re on Safari in Africa

Did you know that more than 30 million tourists visit Africa annually? Many come to see spectacular wildlife and enjoy gorgeous natural landscapes. In fact, a safari in Africa tops many travelers' bucket lists. But do you know the dos and don'ts when it comes to an African safari? Whether it's your [...]

Which is The Best Country for Safari, Tanzania or South Africa?

Tanzania or South Africa for safari? Have you asked yourself about this question? Did you know that more than 18 million tourists visited Africa in 2017? Or, that by 2022, the Euromonitor predicts that African tourism will reach 25 million? The continent's diverse natural landscapes and abundant wildlife can make it [...]

Why Serengeti Is The Best Safari Park in Africa

Serengeti has been voted as the best African safari park in many years and counting! This article will show you why many tourists love this amazing park. Imagine: you are surrounded by miles of rugged savanna. Rhinoceros and elephants gaze curiously at your jeep as it rolls past. Hippos surface [...]

The Top 5 Ways to Have a Successful Balloon Safari in 2021

For many of us, a trip to Africa is a lifelong dream. Every year 30 million people make it come true. Which means you want to get this bucket-list item done right. You want to make sure you tick off the big attractions, do a safari, and see the sights. To savor this [...]

21 Common Animals in Serengeti National Park

These are 21 Animals in Serengeti Worth Viewing If there’s a single wildlife park in the world that has consistently stood out as the best for viewing animals then it’s Serengeti. And people loves this park. Here is the proof, can you guess how many people shows interest in [...]

Earthlife Expeditions wins 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award

Earthlife Expeditions has been awarded travellers’ choice in Tanzania safari for the year 2020 by TripAdvisor, the largest online travel site, recording nearly 300 million unique visitors in July 2016. This is the first time Earthlife Expeditions has received this accolade. “We are proud to be recognized with this award, [...]

Definitive Guide to Ngorongoro Conservation Area

As for earliest African societies, the Ngorongoro conservation Area used to be occupied by hunter-gatherers who developed into pastoralists societies of Mbulu and Datooga. Thinking that they had found their own fertile soil with greener pasture for their livestock, somewhere else there were Maasai watching the Ngorongoro land with full [...]

Definitive Guide to Serengeti National Park

When the British colonial administration established the Serengeti National Park in 1951, no one knew that the park would go on to become the best safari Park of Africa. Forming Serengeti National Park following the partial game reserve which had been formed between 1921 and 1929 for the sake of [...]

What is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro

Each year, Kilimanjaro Mountain attracts adventurous travelers who are rewarded with one of the most incredible sites on the planet. Today, I am giving you a handy guide to the best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. At the end of this post, you will be knowledgeable enough to plan your [...]

Plastic Bags in Tanzania: Bans, Regulations and why you should care

On 01 June 2019 plastic bags in Tanzania was officially banned. While to some it was considered harsh, many citizens and non-citizens were happy to see this long-delayed act coming into action finally. Muguruki, for example, was very excited with the Tanzania plastic bags ban news. Here is what he [...]

Dengue Fever in Tanzania: Useful Travel Information before Your Visit

In the Sunday of 17th March 2019, Tanzania Ministry of Health announced the confirmed outbreak of dengue fever in Tanzania. 11 patients had been diagnosed with the disease in the country’s largest city of Dar es Salaam. In a statement, the permanent secretary of the ministry of Health stressed “The [...]

Health First: Is there Ebola in Tanzania?

As I am looking to lift the lid on Ebola in Tanzania rumours, I first want to take you back on what happened in Congo & Sudan about 43 years ago. In the year of 1976, in Nzara, a town in South Sudan two people died. They died after a [...]

What Souvenirs you should buy on your Tanzania Safari

Buying a souvenir in your visit to Tanzania should be among your priorities. That way, you’ll have a perfect memento for your Tanzania safari. With the country blessed with so many artistic talents, you’re going to find a wide range of selections that will eventually allow you to buy the [...]

19 Things You Need to Know About Tanzania Visa

Planning for a Tanzania safari requires an interdisciplinary approach. Consequently, getting a Tanzania Visa should be among your top priorities in planning for a safari. Generally, if you wish to visit any foreign country, you would need two important documents. One is passport and second [...]

3 Best Itineraries to travel in Tanzania (With Best Prices)

If you’re searching for the best itineraries to travel in Tanzania, you have come to the right place! Planning for your Tanzania itinerary should be fun and exciting, not stressful, which is why I put together this detailed post to show you how to spend your time in Tanzania and [...]

What is the best option, private or group Tanzania safari? 

I recently had an interesting conversation with a businessman who faced a challenge in deciding between private or group Tanzania safari. This gentleman was keen to embark a group Tanzania safari, but his wife couldn't agree with him! The husband didn’t see the reason to have all safari vehicle their [...]

What is the Best Route for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

Choosing the best route for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is hands-down the most important recipe for having a successful Kilimanjaro mountain tour. Every preparation you do before you climb Kilimanjaro is designed to help you have an experience which will be of a lifetime. And these preparations don’t only include; Physical [...]

10 Best Things to do in Arusha

Picking the best things to do in Arusha can be a bit challenging. With so many tourist attractions, both natural and cultural in and near the city, you need to carefully examine the options in relation to your interests. Every so often, a new activity in Arusha becomes available. Eager [...]

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro

You may be excited about knowing the cost to climb Kilimanjaro, but the truth is planning a trip to this amazing mountain is an exhilarating process. Excitement, anxiety, fear, and hope are the emotions that come to mind when you’re about to click the book now button for your next [...]

How Much Does A Serengeti Safari Cost

If you’re planning a trip to Serengeti, one of the most important yet challenging area is figuring out a Serengeti Safari cost. It isn’t because the prices are cheaper than you might have expected, or expensive than your holiday budget could ever afford, no!  It is because there are several [...]

7 Tips for Spotting Birds on Safari

Looking for birds on safari? The birds are in town. In fact, Africa boasts 2,341 different species of birds to gaze in dumbfounded amazement at. Can there be a better place on earth to go birdwatching? Sure, you can go on safari in different parts of the world. But doesn’t this incredible [...]

Well Spotted: An Introduction to the Africa Big Five

Going on an African safari to see these animals in person is a unique and life-changing experience. Modern travel options allow you to see many of them up close and personal, in their natural habitats. It's the best way of seeing your favorite animals with minimal disturbance to their environment. [...]

12 Tips for Planning an Africa Family Vacation

Africa is quite simply one of the most magical vacation destinations on earth. It is a place of breathtaking natural beauty and amazing adventure. When it comes time to plan an Africa family vacation, there are plenty of things to consider. After all, the more you know about your destination, [...]

12 Safari Photography Tips for Catching Animals in Action

Africa is the best place for Safari Photography. Going on a safari is an exciting prospect. Very rarely do we get to see wild animals outside of zoos, and the chance to see lions and zebras and giraffes in their natural habitat is a thrilling one. For many people, a [...]

7 Things to Consider When Planning African Safari

Africa welcomes over 30 million tourists each and every year. While there are plenty of once-in-a-lifetime activities here, many make the journey for one main reason: to go for an African safari. But just like any other bucket list vacation, a trip to Africa takes a lot of careful planning. Booking [...]

6 Cultural Traditions of the Tanzanian People

This article will help you to know the culture of Tanzania people so you may learn to behave when you make a trip to Tanzania. Tanzania is a magical place with a lot to offer in terms of food, culture, customs, and traditions. Are you unfamiliar with the culture [...]

Romantic African Destinations: Why Safari is The Best For Valentine’s Day

African destinations are some of the most romantic on the planet. They have exotic wildlife, majestic mountains, and sweeping landscapes. And African resorts top the list of the most romantic hotels in the world. But with so many options out there, it's hard to pick the top places to visit in Africa this [...]

Kayaking in Africa: The Best Places to Go Kayaking in Africa

Do you love to do Kayaking in Africa? African continent might be your place to be for your next vacation. More than 30 million tourists make Africa their destination each year. They come for a variety of reasons from business to adventure. While Africa proves synonymous with safaris, there are countless ways to see this [...]

Safe Places to Travel in Africa

Looking for safe places to travel in Africa? Here is a list of safe African countries you should know before you have planned your safari. What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Africa? For most people, it's probably three things: famine and extreme poverty, brutal violence, [...]

Safari Chic: Your Ultimate Guide to What to Wear on Safari

Get excited! You're packing for the adventure of a lifetime. If you're headed off on safari in Africa, you're in good company. Millions of tourists choose Africa because of their safari destination for its amazing sites, stunning wildlife, and friendly locals. When you're packing those bags, you'll probably ask [...]

African Safari for Kids: What to Know Before Bringing Your Kids on Safari

It's a common misconception that planning an African safari for kids isn't a good idea. After all, research has shown that unique travel experiences can be highly beneficial to a child's development. Not to mention there's no other experience that allows children to get up close and personal with their favorite [...]

Zanzibar Accommodation: 7 Best Mid-Range Hotels & Lodges in Zanzibar

Looking for the best mid-priced Zanzibar Accommodation with a tropical getaway with white sand beaches and endless views of the ocean? Follow us on this article. The spice island offers a beautiful contrast to mainland Tanzania. Forbes included this beautiful island with the best budget travel destinations for 2018. A short time [...]

How Many Days Should You Spend on a Safari in East Africa?

Are you planning for Safari in East Africa? Follow this article to find an idea of how you can start planning your safari. If you ask anyone what's on their bucket list of things to do before they die, an African safari is almost always on the list. In fact, 30 million [...]

Tarangire Safari Lodges: The 9 Best Mid-Priced Camps & Lodges of 2022

Wake up to wildlife grazing on the grass outside your veranda, dine under the African stars or watch baby elephants drink from a watering hole right in front of you at one of the best Tarangire safari lodges. 2 million tourists visit this East-African nation every year to experience Tarangire. Their vast [...]

9 Things You Need to Know About Vaccinations for Tanzania Safaris

Vaccinations for Tanzania Safaris Traveling to the East African wilderness on safari is an exhilarating experience, but is it safe? Well, that depends on whether you do your preparations in advance and follow the guidelines put in place by your hosts. If you play by the rules when visiting East [...]

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Did you know that upwards of 50 percent of people who try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro develop symptoms of altitude sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)? While mild in many cases, unchecked AMS can develop into High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) or High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE), both of which can [...]

11 Best Mid-Range Serengeti Safari Lodges & Camps of 2022

In your safari, consider this list of the best mid-range Serengeti Safari Lodges. A safari on the Serengeti is a once in a lifetime trip, where you can truly experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of Tanzania. You may witness the incredible onslaught of the Great Migration or get up close and personal with [...]

The Top 10 Best African Safari Wildlife Parks To Visit in 2022

Discover the best African safari wildlife park. With some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet, lush tropical beaches, and the challenging climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an African safari is a perfect vacation for any adventure enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the lands you've only dreamed of and experience the [...]

What You Should Know Before Booking Africa Vacation?

Doing research for an Africa vacation is very important. Even if you're taking a vacation in your own country, it's a good idea to do some research and planning to make sure you and your family have fun and stay safe. But when you travel to another continent, doing research [...]

Step by Step to Choosing the Best African Safari Companies

Looking for the best African safari companies but don't know where to start? Africa has so many sights, sounds, and experiences to offer, it's a must-do trip. A safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To make sure you have a safe, enjoyable, and fun-filled experience, you must choose the right [...]

Here’s What Really Matters on a Tanzania Family Safari : Expert Advice

There are 30 million people who travel to the African continent for tourism every year. Of all the wonderful places to visit on the second biggest continent in the world, Tanzania is ranked in the top 25. While Tanzania offers an abundance of things to see and do, a lot of visitors come for [...]

The Best Countries to Visit for a Honeymoon Safari in Africa

There is no better way to celebrate your newly-wed love than with an adventurous honeymoon safari through Africa. Create remarkable memories you and your loved one will never forget. The breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and vivid sunsets of Africa offer the perfect romantic getaway. Enjoy a honeymoon safari where [...]

8 Tanzania Safari Trips That Will Actually Change Your Life

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain, as well as the famous Serengeti National Park, Tanzania offers the perfect backdrop for an amazing safari experience. Tanzania one of the best places in the world to spot lions, zebras, elephants, leopards, and giraffes. It also boasts many exotic, lesser-known animals such as [...]

International Travel Tips to Make Tanzania adventure Tours Safe & Easy

Flying international across an entire ocean is a lot different than going across your own country or continent. There's a lot of nervousness that comes with traveling to a completely foreign land. With that nervousness comes excitement, stepping outside the known is part of the Tanzania adventure! Tanzania gets over [...]

13 Reasons Why Tanzania is the Top Safari Destination in Africa

Tanzania is one of the top safari destinations in Africa. this is based on may researchers and traveler's votes. Are you constantly adding things to your bucket list? You probably have tons of once-in-a-lifetime trips that you're dying to take. It can be hard to decide where to go next [...]

A Complete Guide to African Savanna Plants

The African savanna is an environment unlike any other on earth. The approximately 5 million square miles that make up the savannas are rich in biodiversity that can't be found anywhere else on the planet. The cornerstone of all the life it hosts is its almost miraculous abundance of [...]

Best cultural experiences in Tanzania

Tanzania is famous for its spectacular wildlife and landscapes. But there is so much more to see and do than the classic game drives. Tanzania is a colourful mix of cultures, with more than 120 different tribes. There is a supreme variety of cultural experiences in Tanzania. From encounters with [...]

The best beaches in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has one of the best beaches in the world. The coral white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, flanked by barrier reefs, offer tropical island living at its best. Zanzibar island has about 25 beaches, sprinkled with fishing villages. Zanzibar’s best beaches are on the north and east coast [...]

Safari Packing List

What to pack for a Tanzanian safari? Packing for your first African safari can be quite a challenge. What do you need? What kind of clothes do you bring? Don’t stress too much about what to pack. Just keep it simple and pack lightly. The luggage you can bring on [...]

12 facts about the Big Five

The big five consists of the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and the rhino. These animals were first called ‘The Big Five’ by hunters due to the difficulty and danger involved in hunting them on foot. Nowadays the name Big Five is the animals that most of the safari tourists wants [...]

Swahili words for safari travelers

The following guide will let you try out some basic Swahili: USEFUL GREETINGS Jambo or Hujambo Hello, good day, how are you? (multy-purpose greeting, means"problems?") Jambo or Sijambo (the response)No problems Habari? How are things? (literally"news?") Nzuri Fine, good, terrible Hodi! Hellow? Anyone in? (said on knocking or entering) Karibu [...]

Why should Tanzania be on your bucket list?

Tanzania is Africa's best country for a safari, according to a two-year-long survey by, based on thousands of reviews from safari travelers and industry experts. The key reason that Tanzania was rated the best is that it is home to the amazing Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. But what [...]

Special activities

For the discerning traveller, we can design safaris featuring the superior standard lodges and permanent luxury tented camps in Tanzania. Clients are flown to each destination by private charter plane, unless otherwise requested. With a range of options, we are able to select the right properties and destinations to suit [...]

Best time to visit Tanzania

If you are thinking of going on safari, you probably wonder what is the best time to visit Tanzania? This question depends on what it is that you want to experience. Since most of the visitors are interested in the Great Migration, we tell you the best time to go to [...]

Travel advice for Tanzania

While planning your trip to Tanzania, there are a few things to consider. We give you the latest travel advice for Tanzania, including health, safety, and visas. Language Swahili is the National Language, originating from Arab and Bantu(an indigenous tribal language) and it is spoken by over 95% of the [...]

The Best Places to See Wildlife in Tanzania

As I want to solve this clue in the best places to see wildlife in Tanzania, I find myself lost reminiscing my younger beautiful years. In my childhood, I did everything that most kids did. I played outside with friends, I watched a lot of TVs, I loved eating cakes [...]

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In Real Life, A Tanzania Safari Is Like Being A Kid In A Candy Store.

If you are planning for a Tanzania Safari, then you are making the best decision in your life.

Tanzania is blessed with so many beautiful sceneries which you will want to see.

If you love beaches, then the Indian Ocean is where you should go, as Zanzibar invites you to lay and enjoy its white sandy beach.

Tanzania cities and rural areas are where you can meet and interact with locals; you won’t bother them as they enjoy the company of visitors.

Wildlife Safari: This is where lifetime memory transformation can happen. In wildlife safari, you will experience another kind of life and in Tanzania, there is a lot of surprises that you won’t get in any other part of the world.

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