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Tanzania Safari, Travel Tips: All You Need To Know Before You Visit

Hi, we hope you are here because you might be looking for Tanzania safari information. Or you may have already booked for a safari and you want a little clue about Tanzania, just to get inspiration.

Also, we know you may be looking for the ideal method of booking a Tanzania Safari Itinerary! Whatever it may be, we are at your service!

Keep exploring our list of useful articles below. We hope they will be enjoyable and useful as you ponder over Tanzania Safari Packlist.

Tanzania Safari With Earthlife Expeditions

Tanzania Safari Information

Safari Chic: Your Ultimate Guide to What to Wear on Safari

Get excited! You're packing for the adventure of a lifetime. If you're headed off on safari in Africa, you're in good company. Millions of tourists choose Africa because of their safari destination for its amazing sites, stunning wildlife, and friendly locals. When you're packing those bags, you'll probably ask [...]

African Safaris for Kids: What to Know Before Bringing Your Kids on Safari

It's a common misconception that planning an African safari for kids isn't a good idea. After all, research has shown that unique travel experiences can be highly beneficial to a child's development. Not to mention there's no other experience that allows children to get up close and personal with their [...]

Gorilla vs Lion: Is It True a Gorilla Would Win a Fight Against a Lion?

The Internet births many questions, from the serious to the seriously absurd. Yet it didn't let us down when they pitted two of nature's most iconic creatures against one another: the silverback gorilla and the male African lion. Both beasts of fearsome strength, we decided to try our hand [...]

Zanzibar Accommodation: 7 Best Mid-Range Hotels & Lodges in Zanzibar

Looking for the best mid-priced Zanzibar Accommodation with a tropical getaway with white sand beaches and endless views of the ocean? Follow us on this article. The spice island offers a beautiful contrast to mainland Tanzania. Forbes included this beautiful island with the best budget travel destinations for 2018. A short [...]

Tarangire Safari Lodges: The 9 Best Mid-Priced Camps & Lodges of 2019

Wake up to wildlife grazing on the grass outside your veranda, dine under the African stars or watch baby elephants drink from a watering hole right in front of you at one of the best Tarangire safari lodges. 2 million tourists visit this East-African nation every year to experience Tarangire. Their vast [...]

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Did you know that upwards of 50 percent of people who try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro develop symptoms of altitude sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)? While mild in many cases, unchecked AMS can develop into High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) or High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE), both of which can [...]

The Top 10 Best African Safari Wildlife Parks To Visit in 2019

Discover the best African safari wildlife park. With some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet, lush tropical beaches, and the challenging climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an African safari is a perfect vacation for any adventure enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the lands you've only dreamed of and experience [...]

Here’s What Really Matters on a Tanzania Family Safari : Expert Advice

There are 30 million people who travel to the African continent for tourism every year. Of all the wonderful places to visit on the second biggest continent in the world, Tanzania is ranked in the top 25. While Tanzania offers an abundance of things to see and do, a lot of visitors come for [...]

The Best Countries to Visit for a Honeymoon Safari in Africa

There is no better way to celebrate your newly-wed love than with an adventurous honeymoon safari through Africa. Create remarkable memories you and your loved one will never forget. The breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and vivid sunsets of Africa offer the perfect romantic getaway. Enjoy a honeymoon safari where [...]

9 Reasons Why Serengeti Is The Best African Safari Park of 2018

Imagine: you are surrounded by miles of rugged savanna. Rhinoceros and elephants gaze curiously at your jeep as it rolls past. Hippos surface from their watering holes, on the lookout for predators. Mount Kilimanjaro rises up in the distance. It's unlike anything you've ever seen in your life. Taking [...]

Which is The Best Country for Safari, Tanzania or South Africa?

tanzania or South Africa for safari? Have you asked yourself about this question? Did you know that more than 18 million tourists visited Africa in 2017? Or, that by 2022, the Euromonitor predicts that African tourism will reach 25 million? The continent's diverse natural landscapes and abundant wildlife can make it [...]

8 Tanzania Safari Trips That Will Actually Change Your Life

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain, as well as the famous Serengeti National Park, Tanzania offers the perfect backdrop for an amazing safari experience. Tanzania one of the best places in the world to spot lions, zebras, elephants, leopards, and giraffes. It also boasts many exotic, lesser-known animals such [...]

International Travel Tips to Make Tanzania adventure Tours Safe & Easy

Flying international across an entire ocean is a lot different than going across your own country or continent. There's a lot of nervousness that comes with traveling to a completely foreign land. With that nervousness comes excitement, stepping outside the known is part of the Tanzania adventure! Tanzania gets over [...]

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re on Safari in Africa

Did you know that more than 30 million tourists visit Africa annually? Many come to see spectacular wildlife and enjoy gorgeous natural landscapes. In fact, a safari in Africa tops many travelers' bucket lists. But do you know the dos and don'ts when it comes to an African safari? Whether it's [...]

Your Guide to the Animals Found in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

While there are thousands of travel destinations, an African safari is by far one of the most beautiful, sought after vacations that should be on everyone's bucket list. There are safaris in quite a few African countries, and each of them boasts its own unique landscapes, culture, and wildlife. However, [...]

Safari Packing List

What to pack for a Tanzanian safari? Packing for your first African safari can be quite a challenge. What do you need? What kind of clothes you bring? Don’t stress too much on what to pack. Just keep it simple and pack lightly. The luggage you can bring on safari [...]

Special activities

For the discerning traveler, we can design safaris featuring the superior standard lodges and permanent luxury tented camps in Tanzania. Clients are flown to each destination by private charter plane, unless otherwise requested. With a range of options, we are able to select the right properties and destinations to [...]

How to book for Tanzania safari with a trusted company?

Do you know which steps you will have to take when you are about to book for Tanzania safari?

These are our four recommended steps that might be useful in selecting the best tour operator in Tanzania.

These are some of our simplified steps towards making the best decision in booking a Tanzania safari.

If you have any question please contact us. You may also be interested in seeing a sample of Tanzania safari itineraries and their prices at this link.

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In Real Life, A Tanzania Safari Is Like Being A Kid In A Candy Store.

If you are planning for a Tanzania Safari, then you are making the best decision in your life.

Tanzania is blessed with so many beautiful sceneries which you will want to see.

If you love beaches, then the Indian Ocean is where you should go, as Zanzibar invites you to lay and enjoy its white sandy beach.

Tanzania cities and rural areas are where you can meet and interact with locals; you won’t bother them as they enjoy the company of visitors.

Wildlife Safari: This is where lifetime memory transformation can happen. In wildlife safari, you will experience another kind of life and in Tanzania, there is a lot of surprises that you won’t get in any other part of the world.

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