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Swahili Phrases to Make Your Safari Go Smoothly: Must Read

Knowing some Swahili phrases is very important on your safari, just like passport, visa, safari wardrobe, recent vaccinations, and mosquito repellent. There are so many things to think about when traveling to Africa. You might have packed your suitcase, but have you prepared for language barriers? With over 900 million English speakers in [...]

Swahili Phrases to Make Your Safari Go Smoothly: Must Read2022-04-25T08:01:31+00:00

Best cultural experiences in Tanzania

Tanzania is famous for its spectacular wildlife and landscapes. But there is so much more to see and do than the classic game drives. Tanzania is a colourful mix of cultures, with more than 120 different tribes. There is a supreme variety of cultural experiences in Tanzania. From encounters with [...]

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Swahili words for safari travelers

The following guide will let you try out some basic Swahili: USEFUL GREETINGS Jambo or Hujambo Hello, good day, how are you? (multy-purpose greeting, means"problems?") Jambo or Sijambo (the response)No problems Habari? How are things? (literally"news?") Nzuri Fine, good, terrible Hodi! Hellow? Anyone in? (said on knocking or entering) Karibu [...]

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