Serengeti Safari Cost

If you’re planning a trip to Serengeti, one of the most important but yet challenging area is figuring out a Serengeti Safari cost.

It isn’t because the prices are cheaper than you might have expected, or expensive than your holiday budget could ever afford, no!  It is because there are several factors influencing the cost starting from the number of stays, nature of the accommodation and twiming of a safari.

Another strange factor that influences costs is, the country has got a bunch of operators.

Among these group of operators, many of them like to sell an idea of giving the lowest Serengeti  safari  cost  while  others  differentiate  themselves  by  pitching  the  prices  that might scare even the richest fellas in a certain royal house.

But if we decide to choose the truth and openness to lead the way, the cost for your Serengeti safari should be somewhere between certain figures.  Not just a sky threatening price by an operator who wants to get one hefty business and retire the next day.

At the end of this post, you will have a clear clue on most important factors that should be necessary to decide the cost of Serengeti safari. To make things even beautiful, you can  use  this  post  as  your  checklist  for  determining  the  costs  of  other  places  of  your interest, not just Serengeti.

But before we make further in this journey,

I want to make a vow!

I have come into a realization that it is not just you who is struggling to figure out the best

Serengeti safari cost, a lot of fellow travellers are having this pain understanding the cost.

Google themselves reports that between July 2018 and July 2019 there were hundreds of monthly searches for the phrase Serengeti Safari cost.

It is with that respect I am sincerely promising you that I am going to share everything you need to decide what best to pay for your safari in Serengeti.

Now last thing before we dive deep into understanding Serengeti safari cost,

Allow me to give you a brief introduction of this legendary Serengeti which is one of the oldest parks in the continent.

Serengeti National Park

208 miles from Arusha, there lies a finest Serengeti National Park where wild animals can be seen spectacularly than no other area in this world.

Hosting the largest annual migration of ungulates to ever been experienced in this world, Serengeti claims a place in the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa list.

In fact, Serengeti was voted the best park in Africa for safaris and this was based on more than 3000 reviews conducted by Safari Bookings in 2015.

I hope I won’t annoy you if I will use this time to kindly remind you that Safari Bookings put into account reviews from travellers, guidebook authors and as other industry experts.

Serengeti wildebeest migration is beautiful

Well, few or almost no one will disagree with me about the migration beauty, but there is even more than that.

Serengeti has been consistently attracting about 400,000 tourists every year where most visitors have enjoyed live predating which is simply a jaw-dropping experience that the world is living to witness.

Finding out Serengeti safari cost.

At this point I recommend you take a cup of coffee and continue reading as things are now getting exciting. It is just a matter of minutes you will be as knowledgeable as an experienced traveler who has a Serengeti safari belt under him.

How is it calculated?

  •  First, there is no fixed price
  •  Second, travellers differ in their preference
  •  Third, people visit Serengeti in different seasons of the year.

So, the multi-million dollar question arises, I mentioned somewhere in this post that I am going to show you the cost of Serengeti safari. It’s true! Nothing has changed, just get sited tight and in a few minutes you will have all clue about Serengeti safari cost.

Always The Cost is Not Fixed

You still remember I mentioned that there are figures which Serengeti safari cost lies in, right? Well even if you do not remember which I don’t give much odds on, it is true the figures are there in certain limit.

The cost can lie somewhere in the region of USD 3,000 and hike all the way to USD 7000.

Now let’s get into a real deal, factors that determine the Serengeti safari cost

Until now I like to assume that we all or at least many do differ when it comes to personal choices. Personal choice plays a great part in selecting what we like to experience and how we would want to experience them.

It’s fair to say that we are different when it comes to consuming the experiences and everyone has their taste as well as styles. These all decide on how someone needs to consume their Serengeti experience in one way or another.

Factor #1. The number of days in a Serengeti safari.

Not everyone is going to spend 2 days in Serengeti.

On the other hand the number of people who are going to stay in Serengeti for a week and above witnessing the hungry fierce crocodiles hunting the desperate wildebeests, is going to exceptionally differ.

It’s worthy to note that,

Number of days you prefer to stay in Serengeti will have effects on both, your cost per day as well as the full cost for the days you are going to stay.

Staying more days with a particular tour operator is going to reduce your cost per day. Meanwhile, spending lesser days with a company will lead to the daily cost to mount.

So here is the fun rule of thumb for picking a great cost Vs. maximum experience,

Spend more days, and….use just one partner for your safari

With that knowledge considered, it then means that the more days you stay and with a single company will lead to you paying less per day.

In general you will find yourself ending up saving bucks in the course of your whole safari.

We can say the vice versa can fairly be true for the fay days stay. In many occasions Serengeti safari won’t be less than 2 days, but it can go all the way up to the number of days you can afford.

Also your goals against safari can influence your stay.

Factor #2. Accommodation conformability is a single major influencing factor

Many  of  accommodations  in  and  around  Serengeti  national  park  will  have  you  rest comfortably in the course of your safari.

But if  someone  was  to  ask  me  about  accommodations  I  would  fairly  advise  that  it  is important you share your budget with your travel company   and they will with no doubt give you a wide range of suggestions that will help you pull a rabbit out of hut and end up getting a fairly comfortable accommodation option.

One thing is clear though,

Accommodations in Serengeti are not the cheapest. In fact, they are going to eat the lion’s share of your total Serengeti safari costs.

The most important here is that you find a credible company that will be happy to help you  weigh  up  every  possible  option  when  it  comes  to  the  available  properties  in  and around Serengeti.

It isn’t only standard of the accommodation that is going to determine the property’s price, but things like location of the accommodation is the “master determinant factor” if you will.

If you decide that you need to experience your Serengeti safari in a close proximity to the wildness of the Serengeti then be prepared to spend a staggering amount of bucks.

That is in contrary to those who decide that they  will  have their accommodation outside the park and only return to the park in the morning to continue their game drive.

Factor #3. Timing of your Serengeti safari

In Serengeti national park the weather isn’t always dry. In fact, Serengeti has two wet seasons and only one dry season over the year.

During  dry  season,  it’s  when  the  wildlife  spotting  can  be  of  great  experience  than  if someone was to go in wet seasons.

It is with this reason the number of tourists tends to sky up during dry season, and guess what? The Serengeti safari costs get to be at their top level during this dry season due to the influx of tourists in the park.

While going in Serengeti national park in offseason will mean that you won’t have an opportunity for the better wildlife spotting, the good thing is that the costs this time won’t be as high as in the peak season.

Factor #4. The model of your experience will as well influence Serengeti safari cost.

Now here is where it gets even picky!

Are you going to settle with a game drive? Well, game drive in Serengeti safari is one of the most beautiful experience a nature lover could dream of.

The slow & comfortable movement  of  safari  vehicle  on  the  skilfully  made  trails  while  viewing  the  beautiful Serengeti is just unmatched experience.

But despite the wonderful experience you’re going to get in Serengeti game drive, you can still decide that you still need your Serengeti safari experience to be delivered with you sitting on a certain hot air balloon perusing around the legendary Serengeti national park.

Choosing a balloon experience for your Serengeti safari isn’t a bad choice though!

But it is going to cost you fortunes.

Whether it’s going to be a game drive or balloon safari experience the important tip I am giving you is that the Serengeti safari costs are not going to be similar.

Factor #5. Transport in and off the park will influence Serengeti safari cost

A few days ago I was talking to a fella from New Zealand.

Due to some reasons he was not comfortable to drive all the way from Arusha town to Serengeti national park and other parks he desires to visit.

In the other words he is going to use a flight

Now, the cost he is going to use in his whole Serengeti safari package is not going to be as that of those who are comfortable to use safari vehicles getting into the park and off it.

At  this  point  I  am  in  a  strong  belief  that  you  are  with  me  now  that  there  is  no  fixed Serengeti safari cost as you can appreciate, we all differ in our preferences.


Figuring out Serengeti safari cost can’t be as easy as this illustration. Planning for a Serengeti safari is sometimes challenging for even experienced travellers especially when it comes to costs.

It is important that you find the credible operator who won’t charge you the smallest amount that will lead them to under-deliver the service.

On the other hand, there is no reason to pay a ridiculously high amount of money simply because some operators have decided to distinguish themselves from other by cost basis.

I have always believed what should differentiate operators has to be the level of services in relation to the customers’ satisfaction.

Yes, that should be the bottom line.

Do you know any other factors that you think they may significantly influence Serengeti safari cost? I will be glad to hear what they are.