There is no better way to celebrate your newly-wed love than with an adventurous honeymoon safari through Africa. Create remarkable memories you and your loved one will never forget.

The breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and vivid sunsets of Africa offer the perfect romantic getaway. Enjoy a honeymoon safari where you will bear witness to grand migrations, experience rich culture, and relax on the world’s most pristine beaches.

If you’re both adventurous spirits craving a wild experience on your honeymoon, Tanzania offers Mount Kilimanjaro. Escape from the modern world by staying in a remote campsite in Botswana where you and your loved one will be immersed in the peaceful beauty of the desert.

Perhaps you and your newly-wed prefer a relaxing escape complete with worry-free luxury comforts. Countries throughout Africa offer gorgeous resorts where you can view the wilderness of the African Serengeti right outside the bedroom door.

Create life-long memories you and your newlywed will never forget with an African Safari honeymoon. But before you plan your escape, here is everything you need to know about a honeymoon safari in Africa.

Before you Book your Tickets

There are 4 main points to keep in mind that will help you plan the perfect African Safari for you and your loved one. There is an abundance of views, activities, and styles of accommodations in Africa and it is important you know what you want.

1. Luxury or Adventure

Do you want an exciting adventure or a relaxing getaway? Depending on the type of honeymoon you’re looking for, you may want a bare-bones backpacking adventure or a luxurious all-inclusive lodge.

The type of honeymoon safari you desire will help you plan where to stay, the style of accommodations you prefer, what to do, and where in Africa you’d like to visit.

2. Duration of Your Stay

Obviously, the longer you stay the more you can do. The duration of your stay is a deciding factor when planning the where, what, and when of your honeymoon.

3. Budget

Africa offers romantic safaris and luxury resorts for any budget. However, your budget will aid when and where you go. Many resorts offer Holiday specials and discounts based on the time of year and how long you stay.

4. Time of Year

The time of year you plan your African safari impacts what you can see and do. The hottest time of year in Tanzania, for example, is December through May, with long rains in April and May. June through October is dry and warm while November is usually rainy.

If you’re planning to see the great Wildebeest Migration through the Serengeti, we strongly encourage you to plan your visit in May.

The Best Countries for a Honeymoon Safari

Africa boasts the most exciting and unique safaris in the world. Each country offers uniquely different areas to explore and stay.

Calming beaches and unique culture envelope the Zanzibar Islands while calming isolation of the Makgadikgadi salt pans in Botswana offers a completely different experience.


Located in East Africa, Tanzania is home to phenomenal wildlife migrations, breathtaking beaches, and world-class hospitality. Tanzania has many of the best safaris in Africa and is perfect for adventurous spirits and comfort seeking couples alike!

The safaris in Tanzania are truly immersing as they take you to multiple sites throughout the country.

A safari through the Serengeti will give you the opportunity to witness the Wildebeest Migration. Wildebeest, antelope, elephants, and zebras all cross the great Serengeti plains to Kenya while circumnavigating the dangers of lions, cheetahs, hyenas, leopards, and alligators.

The Ngorongora Crater, once a large active volcano, now rests peacefully as an inactive caldera. It is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World with its distinct ecosystem.

The meadows, water, and lush vegetation make the Ngorongora Crater the perfect home for hippos, zebras, buffalo, elephants, flamingos, and ostriches. “The Big Five” also known to thrive here.

Finally, for those who are seeking a memorable hike for their honeymoon, Mount Kilimanjaro will meet and surpass your expectations. Experience awe-inspiring views and a very authentic camping expedition while hiking Africa’s highest mountain.

South Africa

South Africa is known for its historic stories of European explorers and vast wilderness. Nowadays, South Africa is in the top 25 most populated countries complete with a rich diversity of religion, culture, and language.

Are you looking for a diverse and trouble-free honeymoon safari?

If yes, you’ll be pleased to learn South Africa has a very developed urban infrastructure with easily accessible lush forests and diverse wildlife.

Due to South Africa’s rich safari history, it now offers high-end safaris and accommodations for those looking for a comfortable but exciting honeymoon safari.

Unlike Tanzania, safaris in South Africa are run by Safari lodges and parks allowing visitors the comfortability of staying in one place over multiple days.

An abundance of diverse flora and fauna flourish in The Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve and Specs Bona Forest. The Specs Bona offers unparalleled views of the ocean, caves for exploring, and waterfalls during the rainy season.

The Grootsvaderbosch is a bird haven. Over 196 different bird species inhabit the reserve making it a must on bird lovers’ lists. The reserve also offers numerous activities including cycling, hiking, and swimming.

If you’re hoping to see monkeys and baboons, the Knysna-Amatole Montane Forest is worth a visit.


Step back in time and see old Africa during a honeymoon safari in Botswana. From wildlife wandering the town streets to the endless lovely views, we’re sure Botswana will offer the charm and excitement you’re looking for in your honeymoon safari.

Over 25% of land in Botswana is protected making it one of the most conservation-conscious countries in Africa. With well-known reserves such as the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert, this comes to no surprise.

You and your newly-wed can experience an intimate and remote adventure in the Makgadikgadi Pans. Most camping areas in the Pans are accessible only by a small aircraft. During the rainy season, the Pans play a vital role in wildlife migration.

At night, you will witness something extraordinary. Due to the isolation of the Pans, you can gaze upon a bright starlit sky. What’s more romantic than snuggling up with your true love while admiring the stars?

Safaris in the Kalahari Desert provide stunning views of pristine landscapes. The Kalahari Desert became a sanctuary in 1961 to protect the San bushman. Today, only very few people are allowed to visit each year.

If you and your newly-wed are one of the lucky few, be prepared to see stunning vistas and possibly meet some of the San bushman people.

Botswana is best visited during the rainy season when wildlife is most abundant. Accommodations ranging from nomadic camping to all-inclusive resorts are available.


Gorgeous beaches and unparalleled beauty make Mozambique a lovely safari honeymoon for those looking for a tropical beach-like getaway.

Maputa is a wonder-filled port town for foodies and those hoping to experience the nightlife. Described as a “cultural melting pot” Maputa offers a diverse array of restaurants, bars, architecture, and culture.

IF an active-filled day is what you and your love desire, do not pass on a trip to the Niassa Reserve. This secluded reserve is another of Africa’s largest conservations.

A honeymoon safari through the Niassa Reserve is magical with its distinctive vistas of untouched land. Although safaris here are primarily for viewing landscapes, you will still have the opportunity to see elephants, buffalo, and leopards.

After your safari, visit Lake Niassa for a day of diving, kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

Speaking of diving, the Quirimbas boast some of the top diving spots in the world. These uncharted islands ranging from sandbars to fully habited islands make for a great beach getaway.


walking safari is an exciting experience for anyone planning an unforgettable honeymoon safari.

Zambia is located just north of Zimbabwe and is known for it’s large and lightly visited national parks.

The South Luangwa National Park is where you and newly-wed can get a very down-to-Earth view of Africa in this walking safari. You will get the opportunity to view large exotic wildlife and leopards along the Luangwa River.

For a more romantic escapade, you must see Victoria Falls. On the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Zambezi River spills into the Batoka Gorge creating this breathtaking site.

Along the top, you can walk the edge to view incredible sites. Adrenaline seekers can go bungee jumping, white water rafting, or fly in a helicopter to witness once in a lifetime views of Victoria Falls.

Zambia sports both romantic getaways and bare-bones camping to fit every type of safari enthusiast.

How to Choose

Africa’s beauty and vastness make it a beautiful escape for a honeymoon safari.

With the numerous options and types of safaris available in Arica, it can be difficult for you to choose which is best for your honeymoon safari.

Before you research, make a list of what you like, what you want to see, when you want to go, your budget, and how romantic or adventurous you would like your honeymoon safari to be. Knowing what you like and don’t like will help you pinpoint the safari that is perfect for your honeymoon.

While you’re researching the best African safaris, check out our articles for tips and inspiration for planning a honeymoon safari.

Have you found where you want to go and ready for the next steps in planning your honeymoon safari? Contact us to have one of our travel specialist guide you through the process.

We are happy to help you and your newly-wed plan a memorable honeymoon safari neither of you will ever forget.