What do you include in your prices?

Listed in US dollars, our prices include hotel accommodations prior to climbing and after descending.

  • In case of transport, we have you covered from the hotel to the hiking starting points but you will have to settle flights on your own.
  • Anything you drink, eat at the hotel should also be settled by yourself and in climbing, personal gear and other climbing equipment are not included in our prices.
  • Lastly, tips are not included in our prices.

Do you offer climbs to all routes

Yes, however we will equip you with the best possible advice full of routes information and at the end we will meet you with the best route that matches your time, budget, and interest.

For more information on routes, read our article on ‘What is the Best Route for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Do you have the recommended routes?


  • We don’t just need you to experience the best scenery on your way to the mountain, we also want you to have the possible high success rate as well as making the mountain all yours by taking you in the smaller crowd routes.
  • Having said so, a 9-day Northern circuit and 7 days Rongai routes will give you the good acclimatization period hence a high chance of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro while experiencing the best scenery.
  • If you don’t mind crowded climbing, Machame 7 day is also a very good route that is used by approximately 50% of all climbers.
  • With proper preparations combined with skillful guiding, other routes can take you to the top of Kilimanjaro as well.

Since I am a single climber, I hope you won’t send me home for wanting to share a room and tent with someone else on a group climb, will you?

No, we won’t send you home my friend.

  • As a matter of fact, we pair same-sex single trekkers to share a double room before and after the climb. During the hike a three-person tent will be shared.
  • If you happen to prefer a single room and a single tent, you’ll have to pay for a single supplement which should be discussed and put in place during the booking time.

Are there restaurants on the mountain? If no, where will I eat?

There are zero restaurants on Kilimanjaro.

  • However, I can promise you that in your whole climb, we’re going to save you with breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as drinking water.
  • I would advise you to specify in advance if you are vegetarian or have other specific dietary requirements and we will do our very best to cater for them.

I would like to shower at least once during the climb

No, we don’t shower in the mountain

  • But I will tell you what to do, while we will provide you wash bins with soap for you to have your hands and face washed, you can as well use wet wipes to towel off yourself.

I am afraid I won’t find proper ablution facilities on the Mountain

No, you don’t have to worry

  • While we usually set up a private toilet tent at each campsite which contains a plastic toilet, there is also a long drop toilet at each campsite.
  • In case the need to use toilets catch you off guard on the trail you don’t have to worry also. Just camouflage yourself behind a tree or rock and have the business finished there.
  • There are few things irritating than leaving your tent multiple times during the night to urinate, to avoid this why not bring pee bottles.

From what countries do you accept clients?

From all over the world.

  • Our desire is to unveil the beauty of Africa to all nations in all continents. It is, for this reason, we have the tour guides for different languages & cultures.

How many trekkers in one group?

For the group climbs, we limit our climb to 20 people

Group climb and Private climb are just the same things, I hope I am right.

No, you couldn’t be more wrong my friend!

  • When you use a group climb, you will do your climb as a part of up to 15 hikers who have booked their treks with us separately. The most important to know about a group climb is that all group climbs are scheduled for set dates and routes.
  • On the other hand, a private climb gives you an opportunity to climb with the people you booked with. These may be friends, family, work colleagues, fellow students, etc. Dates will be scheduled to suit your timetable while you’ll choose your preferred route yourself (ves)
  • For the private trekkers, there is no maximum number and the most important thing is that service on the mountain is exactly the same for both groups and private climbers.

I am determined to receive a summit reaching certificate, what should I do to increase my chance?

  • On our side we are going to do all we can to make that possible for you. However, on your side you will really need to do the following;
  • Choose a longer route that will give you the best possible acclimatization time. When I say longer routes, I mean the routes that you may use at least 7 to 9 days.
  • Second, for at least two months before your trip, try to do training, and if possible can you incorporate some long hikes training?
  • 3rd I would really suggest you ensure you have your climbing gears assembled. They are your right-hand man in hiking.
  • Lastly, during your trip make sure you walk slowly, talk less, drink a lot of water and of course you should eat enough food.

What is the weather like on Kilimanjaro?

The good answer I can tell you is ‘it’s cold on Kilimanjaro’

  • The temperature can be as low as 20F during sleeping while hiking in temperature of up to -20F low.

One of the things I won’t tolerate is being told to descend simply because someone in my group can’t continue and needs to descend.

Wow! We are never going to ask you to descend on scenarios like the one you mentioned.

  • In fact we always bring multiple guides on a single climb. That way, when a member of the group needs to descend it won’t affect the whole group.

Are there any things I need to Know about Vaccinations for Tanzania Safaris?

  • Absolutely, while you can read them here in detail, the main concern is malaria. I strongly recommend that you take prophylactic drugs.
  • If you are from a yellow fever endemic country or have stayed there for more than 6 hours, you will need to get a yellow fever vaccine.
  • We will provide you with detailed travel tips that will also have more information on vaccinations including yellow fever countries list.

I am Curious to Know Visa Requirements

  • Great, a valid visa is necessary.
  • Depending on your nationality, you can get your visa ahead of time or buy it at the airport upon arrival.
  • Some nationalities require their visa bought ahead of time so I would recommend you contact your respective embassy to get the latest visa regulations. Don’t forget to check these 19 Things You Need to Know About Tanzania Visa