Planning for the honeymoon tour is an exhilarating process. Excitement, anxiety, fear, and hope are the emotions that come to mind when you’re about to book for your honeymoon safari. Well, you have all reasons to get nervous as this is among the most important events in life that if you don’t have it right, chances are you will regret for a longer time in your life. Get it right, you’ll all have beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Now, if you’re looking to plan for honeymoon in Tanzania, you have made the right choice, truly, whether it is in Northern tourism circuit of the country, or in the pristine Southern circuit, your honeymoon won’t disappoint in whatever destinations you are going to choose.

Tanzania is among the few world’s destinations that give lovers a perfect balance between wildlife and the beach experience.

So whether you’re looking for the most famous Tanzania destination for the honeymoon vacations or you are looking for something off-the-beaten-path, Tanzania has got something for everyone and the most importantly the honeymoon vacation here is going to be different than the traditional hotel based honeymoons, a bit of something unique.

And guess what? There is an increasing trend of couples looking to do their honeymoons in a more different way, trying to mix some sort of wilderness & adventure with beach holidays and when it comes to Africa, the common thing now among many couples is doing their engagement in Africa only to return later for a small yet unique private wedding followed by honeymoon across the wildlife parks.

Our honeymoon safari planning experts, Angel & Caudence believes that planning for a honeymoon is just exciting yet challenging as planning the wedding itself, and as much as couples would like their wedding to be as perfect as possible, they should as well make the same efforts to ensure their honeymoon is as memorable as the wedding.

The best places for a Tanzania honeymoon safari

In Tanzania, the Northern tourism circuit which includes famous parks like Serengeti, Lake Manyara Park and the world-renowned Ngorongoro conservation are the most visited parks and truly, these parks are rewarding and for the first time goers, there is no doubt they should be the parks to visit.

With that said, the Southern tourism circuit of Tanzania, Selous Game reserve, and Ruaha National park being the circuit’s flagship is where the true definition of African wilderness lie and that most important honeymoon recipe ‘privacy’ can be experienced in these two destinations than anywhere else.

If you’re going in Tanzania for the first time, Caudence and Angel strongly recommend the Northern tourism circuit and if you’re visiting Tanzania for the second time, or 3rd, the Southern tourism circuit is definitely the destination for you.

Depending on your choice plus the advice from our honeymoon safari planning experts, either of these circuits offers the unique Africa experience and in Serengeti for example, a natural event of wildebeests’ migration where more than 1.5 ungulates cross the Tanzania/Kenya border every year will make your honeymoon even special.

The migratory animals of Serengeti are better served when combined by the residents big 5 of Ngorongoro crater where the wildlife is experienced in the unusual underworld.

After doing the game drive in the Northern circuit parks, there is no a better way to wrap up your Tanzania honeymoon safari than spending the last honeymoon days in the famous spice islands of Zanzibar where apart from quality romantic hotel room with a sea view, the beaches here are as clean and private to your liking.

Now here is where the Southern circuit beats Northern when it comes to its proximity to Zanzibar. The southern parks are closer to Zanzibar to reduce some traveling time.

Again, when you’re in the Southern, the boat safaris, birding, guided walking safaris and a game drive of the wilderness of Selous & Ruaha national park, can be well combined with Mahale Mountains national park for those who like to combine some romantic flavor with a bit of adventure experience, the Mahale Mountains is a place to and enjoy chimp tracking, camping safari, snorkeling, and sports fishing.

And if you’re of a more adventurous, why not take the Mahale Mountains to its 8,069ft?

Whatever you choose to do in Mahale, visiting the park itself is a magical experience and truly the view of Mahale Mountains range marinated by the lakes around will surely enhance your romantic experience in Southern Tanzania.

Best time for the Tanzania Honeymoon safari

If you wonder in our opinion, there is no bad time to visit Tanzania for your honeymoon, it only depends on what you’d like to see on your vacation.

While most people suggest the romantic honeymoon trip is better served with a beach experience, an experience which cannot be attained in the wet season, I honestly believe that there’s always an hour or two of the rain off where the beach experience can take over.

The main tip I have for you if your Tanzania honeymoon safari is going to be on the peak of the wetter season, do not make so many days for a beach holiday.

While it is true that wildlife viewing is spectacular during the drier months of June to early November, your wishes and desires should be the determinant factors for determining the best time for your honeymoon in Tanzania.

If you and your sweetheart are bird lovers, for example, November to April is, without doubt, the best time for bird watching in your honeymoon safari when the migratory birds from Europe and northern Africa camps in Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha national park, Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti, Ruaha, and Tarangire national park.

On the flip side, that doesn’t mean the bird watching in Tanzania during the other months out of November to April are not the good months to see birds. In fact, bird watching in Tanzania is fantastic the whole year round, the same applies to wildlife viewing.

Elsewhere in wildlife viewing, travelers may have different interests like only big 5, wildebeest’s migration, or even only wildebeests’ calving season. Truly, everyone has their own taste when it comes to a safari in Tanzania, and that is what determines the best time to visit for everyone.

Nonetheless, it is imperative you remember that the honeymoon safari in Tanzania can be embarked on at any month of the year and still ending up being a trip to remember.

Where to stay in your honeymoon in Tanzania

Tanzania isn’t short in places to stay when it comes to quality places to stay;

Planning for a Kenya Honeymoon Safari

Apart from honeymoon tours packages, we can also help arrange different special events like wedding in one of the parks in Africa, as well as anniversaries. So, any event that comes to your mind and you want to do it in a unique way, we are here to help you. Just tell us about your vacation plan so that we can advise on the best practices.

And if at any point during this short guide on Kenya honeymoon safari, you have a question about something I didn’t cover to your satisfaction, please hit contact us and ask me anything. Truly, I’m here to be your personal resource as you find your Kenya travel partner.

Lastly (but not least, of course J), if Kenya safari has long been in your dream, why not see these featured itineraries and select one that falls to your safari needs? And if you don’t see what you were looking for, tell us your interests so that we can help you structure a new Kenya honeymoon safari itinerary of your liking.

Honeymoon safari cost

Again, this all comes down to your travel style. Things like; accommodation choices, number of days, determines the cost of your honeymoon trip in Tanzania. To give you an idea though, the cost should be somewhere from $350 a day to $ 600 or even $ 1000 if you decide to make it super luxury.

Why honeymoon safari with Earthlife Expeditions?

Apart from the other advantages of traveling with an experienced operator who listens and understands well your needs and helps you plan exactly what is in your mind, we like to offer our customers a complimentary bush dinner & bottle of wine in our luxury Osinon tented camp.

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