You may be excited to make a decision to do your next honeymoon in Kenya but truly, planning for the honeymoon is exhilarating process full of different emotions like excitement, hope, joy, fear and anxiety at the same time especially when you’re about to confirm your honeymoon destination and a safari in general.

As I am writing this, I am taken aback when myself and my husband were planning for our honeymoon in 2005. One thing I must acknowledge that took hefty of our time was picking out the destination to go for our honeymoon. Take my word for this one, it wasn’t easy even after narrowing the options down to only 4 East African countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

That one aside, let me use this opportunity to congratulate you on getting married and at Earthlife Expeditions, we wish you nothing but lots of love happiness.

So, while planning for your honeymoon in Africa is kind of challenging, and even daunting in some planning stages, the only thing I can tell you is that you have made the right choice choosing Kenya. This destination that has attracted at least 2 million tourists from all over the world every year since 2018.

It isn’t only the perfect tourism infrastructure & unique attractions Kenya have that has been the catalyst for the influx of the visitors to this magnificent destination, but also, the fact that it has varieties of attractions, all offering unique experience that leaves the honeymooners spoilt with choices to make.

Whether you would prefer wildlife viewing to the African wilderness or just viewing the wild animals in the cage before going and lie in the unspoiled white beaches of Kenya, your honeymoon in Kenya experience isn’t going to fall short of expectation.

And the good thing is that when you decide to go with a certain tour company, the safari planning consultants are going to be more than happy (well, I like the idea of thinking most travel companies has the same passion to help the visitors as the one we have at EarthlifeJ) to help you in building a new itinerary from scratch to match your style and even budget perfectly.

In your honeymoon in Kenya, you have a perfect choice to balance between wildlife viewing and the beach experience, and honestly, if you want the up-close encounter with wild animals in your honeymoon, Kenya should definitely be your top choice for a honeymoon in Africa.

So whether you’re looking for the most famous East African destinations for the honeymoon vacations or you are looking for something off-the-beaten-path East Africa has got something for everyone and the most importantly the honeymoon vacation here is going to be different than the traditional hotel based honeymoons, a bit of something unique.

And guess what? There is an increasing trend of couples looking to do their honeymoons in a more different way, trying to mix some sort of wilderness & adventure with beach holidays and when it comes to Africa, the common thing now among many couples is doing their engagement in Africa only to return later for a small yet unique private wedding followed by honeymoon across the wildlife parks.

Our honeymoon safari planning experts, Angel & Cadence believes that planning for a honeymoon is just exciting yet challenging as planning the wedding itself, and as much as couples would like their wedding to be as perfect as possible, they should as well make the same efforts to ensuring their honeymoon is as memorable as the wedding.

To make sure that your honeymoon lives to its expectations, and leaves you with and your beloved one with a lifetime romantic-cum adventure honeymoon experience, our honeymoon safari planning experts, Angel & Cadence gives away;

If Kenya is going to be your choice in your African honeymoon, Masai Mara should be your top choice as well as Mathews range, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and Galu beach.

You can’t really speak of Kenya honeymoon safari without taking the legendary Maasai Mara into an account. Apart from its yearly wildebeest’s migration from the neighboring Serengeti park, Masai Mara is renowned to its exceptional populations of all big cats (lions, leopards, and cheetahs) who can be seen in a short plain of this magnificent park simply known by the locals as The Mara.

After the unique experience in Masai Mara, Lewa wildlife conservancy is another destination that will surely make your honeymoon as wild as desired. In fact, this private park among all the big 5 will also bring you closer to the endangered Grevy’s Zebras and Sitatungas.

Although, as if that wasn’t enough, Lewa is the only area in the world where there is the largest population of Grevy’s zebras and at the moment I am writing, the conservancy has up to 350 individuals.

Hosting over 12% of Kenya’s Eastern black rhinos tells it all about the hidden gem of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Mathew’s range is another great destination if remoteness and privacy are your things. The fact that these ranges of Mountains receive few visitors makes it even unique for a honeymoon safari.

Horse riding in the territory full of elephants, buffalo, and leopard is a lifetime experience you and your beloved one can experience in Mathews Range while at the same time enjoying birdlife who never stop singing the beautiful scenery of Mathewson Mountain ranges.

Kenya is a wildlife-rich land, you are going to be spoilt with choices when it comes to best places to visit in your honeymoon safari. On the flip side, regardless of where you choose to go to Kenya, you should never worry about the choices you are going to make.

Whether it’s going to be any of the above destinations or Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Samburu, your honeymoon vacation in Kenya isn’t by any chance going to be floppy. You just need to travel with an ethical operator who will understand your style and help you plan the safari of your lifetime.

Where to stay in your Kenya honeymoon safari

Where to stay in your Kenya honeymoon tours

In your Kenya honeymoon safari, there are the best accommodations you should consider staying. In fact, these are the properties we recommend and since we have a good business relationship with them, you’re going to get the best deals if you book with us.

Kenya Honeymoon Safari Cost.

While the honeymoon safari in Kenya may differ from a visitor to another depending on various things like the style of the trip, accommodation choices, nature of transport (flights & vehicle, vehicles only), and a number of stays. Nevertheless, Kenya honeymoon tour prices can be from $400 a day and go all the way up to $1000 per day per person.

Planning for a Kenya Honeymoon Safari

Apart from honeymoon tours packages, we can also help arrange different special events like wedding in one of the parks in Africa, as well as anniversaries. So, any event that comes to your mind and you want to do it in a unique way, we are here to help you. Just tell us about your vacation plan so that we can advise on the best practices.

And if at any point during this short guide on Kenya honeymoon safari, you have a question about something I didn’t cover to your satisfaction, please hit contact us and ask me anything. Truly, I’m here to be your personal resource as you find your Kenya travel partner.

Lastly (but not least, of course J), if Kenya safari has long been in your dream, why not see these featured itineraries and select one that falls to your safari needs? And if you don’t see what you were looking for, tell us your interests so that we can help you structure a new Kenya honeymoon safari itinerary of your liking.

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