Our Safari Vehicles

We are operating on the premise that the happiness of our clients is of a paramount importance. Thus we’ve our own garage dedicated only for our 30 safari vehicles.

Our garage staff makes sure every vehicle is checked and get serviced prior to any departure.

And, while age is no guide to reliability, we believe new vehicles are more breakdown resistant hence our oldest vehicles are 5 years old.

Here is a quick highlight of our safari vehicles;-

  • We have 30 vehicles, all owned by Earthlife Expeditions. What does that mean? We’re not going to charge you the extra costs for hiring a vehicle to make the price unreasonably huge.
  • Among our vehicles, the oldest are 5 years old. You can imagine how they’re are in a good condition
  • We have our own garage designated for maintaining Earthlife Expeditions safari vehicles only.
  • To travel comfortable and safe our 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers have lots of leg space and can take up to 6 guests
  • Pop-up roof, ideal for wildlife viewing and unlike most other companies, we have no game drive mileage or hours limit.
  • Are you a professional photographer? we have vehicles with canvas-windows specifically for you.
  • Our safari vehicles are fitted with HF long-range radios for easy communication.
  • To complement your game drive, be ready to enjoy all other important needs like WiFi and AC. Just to name a few.
  • Our vehicles are fully equipped with first aid kits, fridges, as well as binoculars and bean bags for camera support.

Browse our vehicles below

Each seat is designed to deliver luxury at its finest

Specifically designed for maximum space and comfort

Pop-up roof to enhance your game experience

Sliding windows to facilitate great game viewing

A Modern Fridge for cooling drinks during your safari 

Part of our fleet at JRO Airport, ready to receive our clients

Photographers Vehicles

Our photographer’s vehicles are highly customized to give a photographer flexibility throughout a photo shooting. Below are some of our customized vehicles for photographers.

Canvas-windows specifically for professional photographers

Gives you flexibility to snap great shots from different angles

Our canvas-windows are flexible and can be closed at will.