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Ruaha National Park

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About Ruaha National Park

Pure wilderness, amazing scenery, and undisturbed wildlife. Ruaha National Park is the second-largest park in Tanzania and one of the most authentic safari destinations. Since it lies in a remote, untouched area in south-central Tanzania, you can still experience the real feeling of wilderness and a lack of crowds. Thanks to the diverse range of habitats, the variety of wildlife and plants in this park are enormous.

Ruaha River

Ruaha National Park takes its name from the Ruaha River, which flows in the eastern part of the park. This river is a vital source of life for most of the wildlife found in the park. Therefore the variety of animals gathering along the banks of this river, especially during the dry season, is spectacular. The Ruaha River is an ecosystem on its own and flows into the Rufiji River in the Selous and the Indian Ocean.

Diverse landscape

Ruaha National Park has an incredibly beautiful and diverse landscape, mainly due to the Ruaha River. The landscape is dominated by woodlands and savannah with acacias and ancient baobabs. There are also mountains in the west and south and several natural springs throughout the park. This national park has one of Africa’s most fascinating landscapes.


Ruaha offers one of the largest populations of elephants in the world (over 10,000). Also, large populations of all the great predators are present in the park. The banks of the Ruaha River are the hunting ground for lions, leopards, cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, and the rare African wild dogs. Here you can see the Greater and Lesser Kudu, Roan and Sable antelope all together in the same park.


You can go on game drives, walking safaris and bird watching.

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