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Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park

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About Mikumi National Park

Mikumi is Tanzania’s fourth-largest national park. The main trait of the park is the Mkata  River Flood Plain, which is the best place for game viewing, together with the hippo pools and beautiful views over the surrounding mountains. Mikumi offers a wonderfully authentic and uncrowded safari experience. The abundance of wildlife, beautiful sunsets and amazing birdlife alone makes this park a great place to visit.


The landscapes in Mikumi National Park are often compared to those of the famous Serengeti National Park as baobabs, acacias, and tamarinds dominate the savannah. The surrounding Ruhebo and Uluguru mountains bring fascinating natural beauty to the landscape, as well as the impressive Mkata plains, the feeding ground for lots of animals such as elephants, giraffe, zebra, and wildebeest.


The open flood plains attract plenty of good games. Hippos are the star attraction of the pools situated 5km north of the main entrance gate. Other big names you can see are elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, Greater Kudus, Sable Antelopes, pythons, and crocodiles. Even the African wild dog is present. The Mkata plains are a great place for birding, such as the lilac-breasted roller, bateleur eagles, oxpeckers, and yellow-throated long claw.


Mikumi National park lies between Selous and the Udzungwa mountains and is the most accessible part of the southern circuit. Mikumi is a four-hour drive away from Dar es Salaam. With almost guaranteed wildlife sightings, it makes an ideal safari destination for those without much time. Most people will visit Mikumi by safari car en route to some of the more popular parks in southern Tanzania such as Ruaha or Selous.


You can go on game drives and walking safaris.

Contact us how you can incorporate Mikumi National Park into your itinerary.

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