Katavi National Park


Katavi National Park

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About Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park is a beautifully remote and undiscovered park. It is one of the few places left in Africa today where you can step back in time. This park in Western Tanzania is truly wild with just a few camps and visitors. Enjoy an authentic safari with vast herds of buffaloes and lions, rivers full of crocodiles and hippos, and bird-rich swamps.

Pure wilderness

This is the place to be if you are looking for an authentic safari experience in untamed pure wilderness. Due to its remoteness and high cost of flights, this national park has not as many visitors than most other parks in Tanzania. However, travelers who spend the time and money to get here are richly rewarded. Katavi is magical and the sightings are spectacular.


The scenery in Katavi is incredibly diverse. Its habitat is mainly grassland savannah and miombo woodland. After the rains, the place transforms into lush swamps dotted with acacia, waterfalls, and shallow lakes. It has two lakes, Lake Katavi and Lake Chada. During the dry season, these lakes are open plains with cracks and fill up only in the rainy season.


This dry-season park is completely off the beaten track but crowded with wildlife. Huge herds of zebra, buffalo, and elephant gather around the water reserves of Lake Chada and Lake Katavi. Four of the Big Five (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard) are present. The Katuma River is full of hippos and crocodiles pods, and you can see unusual antelope like sable and roan,  hyena, and even the rare wild dog.


Since Katavi is so remote, therefore this parks permits many more activities than in most other parks in Tanzania. Off-road game driving, night drives, walking safaris and fly camping are all different ways to explore this fantastic national park.

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