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Discover the best African safari wildlife park.

With some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet, lush tropical beaches, and the challenging climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an African safari is a perfect vacation for any adventure enthusiast.

Immerse yourself in the lands you’ve only dreamed of and experience the majesty of the Great Migration when millions of animals make their yearly trek across the plains.

You will be amazed at all the things you can see and do while visiting an African safari wildlife park. But how do you know which one to visit?

Read on to learn the particulars of each park so you can make the best decision for your group.

1. The Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most beautiful regions in Africa. It is filled with volcanic craters and all manner of wildlife.

This area is home to the highest concentration of big five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and the cape buffalo) wildlife and a wide variety of predators ensuring you have an exciting day.

For bird enthusiasts, the crater is a must see, as it is home to more than 400 different species of birds. Two of the most exciting birds you will see include the ostrich and the flamingo.

2. The Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The Serengeti is a rugged savanna full of rhinoceros and elephants, like many of the parks on this list. But what sets it apart is the sheer volume of animals that you will see. This park has been voted as the best African safari wildlife park in 2018

The park is large, spreading over 5,700 square miles and serves as home to more than 430 different species. The area is divided into three quadrants to make referencing easy.

The Northern Serengeti

The northern Serengeti is a region of rolling hills and woodlands. There you can find many giraffes and elephants.

The Serengeti Plains

The Serengeti plains are what comes to mind when you hear the word. They are the Lion King-like plains that go on endlessly towards the horizon. On the plains, you will find large herds of animals roaming and migrating and with so few trees, you will have an excellent view.

The Western Corridor

At the heart of the savanna lies the Western Corridor. This area is home to crocodiles, hippos, and monkies. It features the Grumeti River which provides life-giving water for a variety of species.

3. Massai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya

Massai Mara is home to the Great Migration, the term for the movement of millions of animals across Africa each year. The spectacle is a can’t-miss sight for many tourists.

The best place to see the Great Migration is in Kenya between July and October. Over a million wildebeest travel together across the plains in the largest migration herd in the world. These animals are members of the antelope family and can weigh as much as 600 lbs.

The route the animals travel is filled with predators and the wildebeest travel through many rivers, many with hungry crocodiles. Seeing nature at play will be a spectacle you won’t soon forget.

4. Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

If you’re in this for the elephants, you have to head to Tarangire National Park. They have the largest concentration of elephants in the world with some herds consisting of more than three hundred elephants. This is especially true during the dry season when the park swells in population.

If you visit Tarangire, make sure you don’t miss the views of the Maasai Steppe. It truly is breathtaking. You will also want to spend lots of time near the Tarangire River, the river that gives the park its name. It is the main source of water for many animals during the dry season so it is a great place to spot all manner of wildlife.

The most iconic part of Tarangire National Park would have to be the baobab trees that dot its landscape. These ancient trees are hundreds of years old and provide homes for birds and small animals in the ecosystem.

5. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Ruaha National Park is home to the largest population of elephants in Tanzania, making it a great place to spot these large animals.

The park is also home to herds of buffalo, antelope, gazelles, wild dogs, and ostriches.

It is known for its wild topography formed by the Great Ruaha River that runs through the park and gives it its name. The river is home to crocodiles, hippos, and many different species of wading birds.

You will also enjoy views of mountains in the south and west reaching for the sky.

6. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park is located in South Africa and is the largest natural game reserve in the country. It is home to more than 500 different types of species and remains an excellent place to go to spot all manner of wildlife.

You will also enjoy the granite hills that pepper the south and create a unique landscape. Much of the park is covered in tropical forests that play home to a majority of the species in the area.

It’s important to note that Kruger National Park is a very popular place for people to safari and so it is sometimes very crowded. People like it because it has a large network of roads making most of the area accessible for exploration.

If you are concerned about the crowds, then you can consider visiting one of the many beautiful private game reserves in the same area.

7. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a great place to go tracking gorillas. The passes to go on excursions in this area are cheaper than in surrounding countries.

Although expensive, gorilla trekking is worth the money and you should see the price you pay as your tax for helping support the continued care of the land that the gorillas live on.

The forest is protected as a world heritage site to help keep the area preserved but it is easy to see the areas where land has been destroyed.

This forest will make you more aware of the necessity for conservation efforts and grateful that you got to experience this gem before it disappears from the planet.

8. Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park is unique because it is a giant salt pan that can be seen from space with abundant wildlife.

This park is one of the more accessible parks in Africa and can be accessed in a regular sedan.

You will enjoy the unrestricted way in which the animals more and the lack of human interference that the park enjoys. This park is home to some of the largest elephants in Africa since its land is so nutritious.

9. Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Mahale Mountains National Park is one of the best places to spot chimpanzees. It is nestled alongside the shoreline of Lake Tanganyikan in western Tanzania.

You will love the mist-covered mountain of Nkungwe that rises in the background and the incredibly clear waters of the lake that lap at the white sand coves.

This is one of the most remote and alluring parks in Africa and is home to about 1700 chimpanzees. The best time of year to visit is in the dry season from June to October. This is when the undergrowth in the forest is less overgrown and the chimps will venture down to the main lodge area to find food.

10. Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Moremi Game Reserve rests on the Okavango Delta’s eastern side and has permanent water as well as drier areas. This Delta is the world’s largest inland and is an exotic feature to behold. The water that reaches the delta evaporates and doesn’t flow out to any sea or ocean.

In January-February the delta drains each year before filing again over the next four months from March-June.

It is one of the best places to experience bird watching since it has lovely lagoons and thick wooded areas that are home to a wide variety of species.

The park covers almost 2,000 square miles and has wild dogs as well as leopards.

The diversity of animals at this park is truly incredible and includes:

  • African Bush Elephants
  • Giraffe
  • African Buffalo
  • Hippopotamus
  • Lechwe
  • Tsessebe
  • Sitatunga
  • Leopard
  • Blue Wildebeest
  • Nile Crocodile
  • Lion
  • Cheetah
  • Brown Jyena
  • Spotted Hyena
  • Springbox
  • Sable ANtelope
  • Black Rhinoceros
  • And many more!

Explore an African Safari Wildlife Park

Now that you have an introduction to each major African safari wildlife park, it’s time to make your decision. Do you want to relax on the beaches of Zanzibar, or does your adventurous spirit long to make it to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro?

No matter who you are, there is an African safari adventure for your group.

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